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Other sci-fi/fantasy TV Shows


         Tia Carrera           Adrienne Wilkinson     
(Relic Hunter)                 (Xena)        

 Rob Labelle              Traci Lords  
 (First Wave)   

    Gigi Edgley               Virginia Hey

                                Sara Canning              Dan Payne
(Primeval New World)

   Laura Bertram              Lexa Doig                  Kevin Sorbo

Stephanie Beechham       Scott Bakula       
   (Seaquest)            (Quantum Leap)

     Gil Gerard                      Erin Grey
(Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)

  Earnest Borgnine       Stephanie Leonidas
       (Airwolf)                   (Defiance)       

   David Hasslehoff               Justin Bruening            Bruce Davidson      
(Knight Rider)

Salli Richardson Whitfield          Matt Frewer             Jordan Hinson     

  Jennifer Spence             Lexa Doig             Victor Webster

Roger Cross

   Jason Momoa         Carice Van Houten
(Game of Thrones)

Samantha Mathis         Mackenzie Lintz          Grace Victoria Cox     
(Under the Dome)

Jessy Schram            Will Yun Lee                     Kelly Hu        
 (Last Resort)             (Hawaii 5-0)             (C&C: Red Alert 3)

Natasha Henstridge
(Species, Command and Conquer 3)

Tucker Smallwood                 Lance LeGault  
(Space: Above and Beyond)           (The A-Team)         

     Shannen Doherty     Holly Marie Coombs  

       Ellen Muth            Jaqueline McKensie         Peta Wilson      
     (Dead like me)             (The 4400)            (La Femme Nikita)

        Jessica Parker Kennedy     Sylvia Anderson           Jadyn Wong                 
(The Secret Circle)         (Thunderbirds)              (Scorpion)       

    Julie McNiven            Jennifer Blanc         Charisma Carpenter
      (Supernatural)              (Dark Angel)       (Legend of the Seeker) 

            Haven Cast            

Greg Finley

 Lizzy Bennet Diarys cast          Morganville Cast                  Stef Dawson             
                                                                             (The Hunger Games)

Ksenia Solo                         Emmanuelle Vaugier           

Rachel Skarsten
(Lost Girl)

      Sarah Shahi              Dean Cain                  Shelley Conn  
       (The L Word)       (The New Adventures      (Terra Nova)     
          of superman)      

Giancarlo Esposito           Italia Ricci    
  (Revolution)                (Supergirl)

        Lyndsy Fonseca           Shane West            Aaron Stanford      
Olga Fonda

  Dianna Rigg             Johnny Coyne            Robert Atkin Downs
(The Avengers)              (Alcatraz)                    (The Strain)       

Kristian Bruun
(Orphan Black)

    Dante Basco

Glamour models:

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    Girls Aloud                       Sugababes

Sports Stars

Sam Warburton
(Welsh Rugby International)

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